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Medical Supplies

   Tattoo & Piercing    Medical Supplies
Piercing Needles, Blades, Punches & Scalpels

Braun, Nipro, Kai Dermal Punches, Piercing Blades and Scalpels
Catalogue Page 35


Ethylchloride, bactine


Medical Gloves for tattooing and piercing


Piercing Instruments

Protective Wear

Protective wear for piercing and tattoo studios
Aprons, Dental Bibs/Lap Cloths, Oversleeves, Face Masks
Catalogue Page 38


Medical dressings and Tapes
Dry Loc Pads, Tegaderm, Barrier Film, Finepore, Claripore, Micropore, Mepore, PremierPore, Gauze, Sterile Dressing
Catalogue Page 39

Hygiene & Disinfectant

Medical disinfectant for piercing and tattoo studios
M-Formula, ChemGene / Trigene, ReproChem, Alocotips Swabs, Green Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Sani-Cloths, Virkon, Rapidex, Hibi Scrub, Rubbing Alcohol
Catalogue Pages 39 & 40

Paper Products

Couch roll, centre feed for piercing and tattoo studios
Couch Roll, Centrefold, Centrefeed,
Catalogue Page 41

Sundries & Disposables

Tongue Depressors, Sharp Bins, Disposible Cups, Corks, Skin Markers, Cotton Tips, Pen Torches, Razors, Waste Sacks
Catalogue Page 189

Aftercare & Skin Prep

Tattoo and piercing aftercare and release forms
Hustle Butter, Tattoo Goo, Petroleum Jelly, Bepanthen, Hemp Co, Body Piercing Aftercare.
Catalogue Page 42

Ultrasonics and Accessories

Ultrasonic Baths and Solutions
Ultrawave, Enigmatic, Rapidex, ReproChem


Autoclave pouches, reels, tape for piercing and tattoo studios
Enigma Autoclaves, Pouch Seeling Unit, Water Distiller, Printers.
Catalogue Pages 43

Studio Furniture

Plinth 2000

   Tattoo & Piercing    Medical Supplies