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Wholesale Body Jewellery Ltd reserves the right to refuse any order, which is not in compliance with the Terms and Conditions stated below.

  1. The first order made must be a minimum of £50.00 net for body jewellery products. No minimum order size applies to tattoo products (Please phone during working hours for small tattoo product orders as our site will not process them).
  2. Customers ordering jewellery must be at least 18 years of age.Proof of local authority registration may be requested with inital orders of tattoo and piercing equipment.
  3. No order will be dispatched until payment has been received in full cleared funds.
  4. All customers will be responsible for complying with their country's importation laws and taxes (if applicable), and all goods are shipped at your own risk. Body Jewellery Ltd can not be held liable for any tattoo inks or any other product purchased which may not comply with your countries regulations. It is the purchases responsibility to insure the product meets the regulation and hygiene standard of the country in which it is to be used.
  5. Orders will only be processed and confirmed with a landline telephone number and only dispatched to the address of the credit card holder, (if paying by credit card). If purchasing from outside the UK your transactions will be converted into UK Sterling (£).
  6. Wholesale Body Jewellery carries a large stock base of items, colours and sizes, but on occasion, if an item or colour of item is out of stock, a close alternative may be supplied unless otherwise stated.
  7. Wholesale Body Jewellery Ltd, nor any intermediary agency, shall not be held liable regarding any legal action resulting in discrepancies made from the purchase or complications following the use of the products purchased.
  8. Due to the volatility in raw material costs, we reserve the right to alter prices when necessary.
  9. Free Delivery is for orders over £200 net (except in Zone 2 and Zone 3 areas where additional charges apply on orders weighing more than 1Kg, see shipping charges).

Wholesale Body Jewellery Ltd is happy to discuss any of you needs by email, fax or phone to ensure you receive the best service possible. If you are in need of advice or unsure of anything please do not hesitate to contact us.

UK Phone No: 01202 573333
UK Fax No: 01202 8355555

Outside UK Phone No: 00 44 1202 573333
Outside UK Fax No: 00 44 1202 835555

Email : sales@wholesalebodyjewellery.com

All Major Credit Cards accepted:
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