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Wholesale Body Jewellery is one of the UK's largest distributors of Body Jewellery and Tattoo Supplies. We consider ourselves to be market leaders in high quality products at really competitive wholesale prices.

This is a TRADE WEBSITE, we do not sell to the general public. Proof of business is needed. We have a minimum order of £100.

Wholesale Body Jewellery prides itself on fast stock delivery time. We aim to DISPATCH GOODS ON THE SAME DAY if ordered within reasonable time and cleared funds received.

We are established for 10 years and over 20 years in the industry.

We understand your piercing and tattooing requirements. We source body jewellery and tattoo products from around the world and work closely with a handful of specialist manufacturers to bring you the best and most contemporary designs. All our piercing jewellery and New School Tattoo Grips and Tips are UK manufactured, in keeping with our supporting British Manufacturing Industries. All Wholesale Body Jewellery products comply with the EU Nickel Directive, which came into effect in July 2001. A number of our employees have been involved in the body jewellery industry for over 20 years. Our specialist staff can give advice to businesses considering body jewellery products for the first time, especially when considering standard sizing and best selling lines.

We offer a choice of three start-up packs to help new customers under way, The Piercing Pack (for new studios), The Retailers Pack (for shops or stalls) and The Party Plan Pack (for home parties). Catalogues are available on request.

If you are unsure in any way our friendly staff are here to help you by phone, fax or email.

UK Phone No: 01202 573333
UK Fax No: 01202 835555

Outside UK Phone No: 00 44 1202 573333
Outside UK Fax No: 00 44 1202 835555

Email : sales@wholesalebodyjewellery.com

All Major Credit Cards accepted:
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Wholesale Belly Bars
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| Steel Belly Bars | Titanium Belly Bars | Gold PVD Belly Bars | Black PVD Belly Bar | Novelty Belly Bar

Navel Rings
| 9ct Gold Navel Rings |
Gem Navel Rings | Steel Navel Rings | Titanium Navel Rings | Gold PVD Navel Rings | Black PVD Navel Rings |

Tongue Bars
| 9ct Gold Tongue Bars |
Gem Tongue Bars | Steel Tongue Bars | Titanium Tongue Bars | Gold PVD Tongue Bars | Black PVD Tongue Bars | UV Tongue Bars | Steel Novelty Tongue Studs |

Nipple Bars
| 9ct Gold Nipple Bars |
Gem Nipple Bars | Steel Nipple Bars | Titanium Nipple Bars | Gold PVD Nipple Bars | Black PVD Nipple Bars | Silver Nipple Jewellery |

Nipple Rings
| 9ct Gold Nipple Rings |
Gem Nipple Rings | Steel Nipple Rings | Titanium Nipple Rings | Gold PVD Nipple Rings | Black PVD Nipple Rings | Titanium Segment Rings

Wholesale Body Piercing Jewellery
Titanium Belly Bars | Jewelled titanium navel bars| Titanium Body Piercing Jewelry | Gold PVD Body Piercing Jewellery | Black PVD Body Piercing Jewelry |

Eyebrow Jewellery
| 9ct Gold Micro Bars |
Gem Micro Bars | Steel Micro Bars | Titanium Micro Bars | Gold PVD Micro Bars | Black PVD Micro Bars

Eyebrow Rings
9ct Gold Eyebrow Ring | Gem Eyebrow Ring | Steel Eyebrow Ring | Titanium Eyebrow Ring | Gold PVD Eyebrow Ring |
Black PVD Eyebrow Ring

Lip Piercing Jewellery
| 9ct Gold Labret | 18ct Gold Madonna Stud |
Internal Thread Labret | Gem Labret | Steel Labret | Titanium Labret | Gold PVD Labret | Black PVD Labret

Genital Piercing
PA Rings | Circular Barbells | Large Gauge Body Jewellery | Curved Barbells | Titanium PA Rings

Fake It Plugs | Acrylic Plugs | Horn Plugs

Steel Tubes

Flesh Tunnels
Steel Tunnels | Gold PVD Tunnels | Black PVD Tunnels

Flared Eyelets
Steel Flared Eyelets | Titanium Flared Eyelets |

Gold Stud Earrings |

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