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Technical Info

Body Jewellery Ltd is one of the leading European body jewellery and tattoo suppliers. We supply TRADE ONLY - piercing shops and tattoo studios. Our body jewellery products are suitable for initial body piercing and healed body piercing We also supply a full range of medical products, equipment and tattoo supplies.

(Wholesale) Body Jewellery Ltd complies with the EU Nickel Directive and supplies quality titanium, steel and PVD coated jewellery for the UK and European market. We supply a huge range of titanium internal thread and external thread body jewellery. These products consist of titanium navel barbells, barbells, micro barbells, eyebrow bars, BCRs, labrets and a fabulous range of PVD Gold, PVD Rose Gold and PVD Black coated titanium and steel . All of which are suitable for initial piercing and healed piercings.

All paid for orders are dispatched the same day, in most circumstances, (if ordered before 3pm). Jewellery and light orders arrive before 12noon the following day for the UK market. Medical and tattoo syupplies (heavier orders) arrive next day (before 5pm - earlier times are available at an extra cost). Saturday delivery is also available. Body Jewellery Ltd prides itself on quality body piercing and tattoo products supplied with an efficient and knowledgeable service.

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