Musotoku Power Supply - Dual Model [x2 Machines]

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The DUAL model is a Double Machine Output Power Supply of the same size as the standard model. The outputs are independent and each one has its dedicated memory setting. Both outputs are capable of the full 5 A power range.

Please note that this power supply lacks the footswitch pedal input and can only be operated by the push button.

Operation is super simple: just change the output with the push button, and then hold it down to turn ON and OFF the selected output. To make things simpler there is a double-led indicator identifying the machine in use.


MUSOTOKU Power Supply is one of the most powerful power stations you can get at this very small size. It delivers 5 Amps of power which will make your machines run smoothly, but solid and consistent.

Build-in aluminum for the best durability and weight balance.

The power supply is designed to work in any country in the world, no matter if you are using 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz. Its design ensures that your voltage is always stable even with the annoying fluctuations of power that plague the conventions.

  • 5 Amps Consistent Power
  • x2 Outputs Independent
  • No pedal input (only push-button operated)
  • 2 - 16V in 0.1V Steps
  • NITRO Boost
  • Works with Coil and Rotary machines
  • 4 Memory Presets
  • Auto Power-off

You have a variety of options to choose from in the menu over this text, you can choose between the power supply alone or with two different stands; you can even pick both! 


Also, we offer you in that same menu the option of customizing your MUSOTOKU, you can ask for a short phrase to be laser engraved on your new power supply, just choose the option and send us what you want to have laser engraved in the comments for your order!


  • MUSOTOKU Power Supply 5 Amps [Dual Output]
  • Power adapter worldwide compatible input
  • Basic Support (GoPro sticker based)
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